As the President and original founder of NJL (formerly New Jersey Legal), I want to personally thank you for visiting our new blog. We here at NJL are celebrating our 20th year in litigation and trial support; yes, time does fly when you work hard and have the support of a great staff and wonderful clients. After 20 years at NJL, we still learn every day in this exciting, fast paced and ever changing market. The year 2014 is set to be another exhilarating year in our industry as technology changes, e-discovery becomes ever more complex and judicial decisions change the discovery landscape. I look forward to an exciting year and hope our visitors find our blog to be a helpful tool when navigating these exciting waters!

CHANGE: The Name of Our Game

Fortunately (or unfortunately – however you view it), CHANGE this is the new normal. This constant change is what helps to “encourage” progress. Sometimes it may not feel like progress (or encouragement), but it definitely is! Even dedicated professionals can become overwhelmed by the dual goals of satisfying client needs and finding time to keep current with our ever evolving industry. It is our sincere hope that the digests, links and other information we post here will help you with that effort. We all owe it to our clients, our organizations, and our industry to be the best professionals we can be by staying educated and informed.

Best Regards,
Gary Overman
Gary Overman, President, NJL

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