Using Information Governance to Lower E-Discovery Costs

In this recent article in The Legal Intelligencer, John Connell discusses the pivotal role played by Information Governance in the control of ever increasing e-discovery costs resulting from the exponential growth in digital data and “a save-everything-just-in case” mindset. The author notes that in addition to reducing e-discovery, data storage and backup and maintenance costs, an information governance program is critical to reducing the potential risk of retaining data that could be used by adversary at trial. According to the author, now that the financial crises of the past few years have subsided, federal regulator are demanding data and organizations must be in a position to quickly respond to these requests to avoid penalties and fines. Additionally, Mr. Connell highlights the” changing legal landscape,” in which retailers are facing increased scrutiny as a result of data breaches and insurance companies are facing large collection lawsuits brought against them stemming from cybersecurity policies sold to data-breached organizations. While the author acknowledges that implementing sound information governance policies is easier when an organization is young, for an established organization the “road ahead will be more difficult, but not impossible.”

Read the full article here.

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