U.S. Courts’ Evolving Approaches to Social Media E-Discovery

In this article by Reema Abdelhamid and J. Alexander Lawrence in Socially Aware, the authors address the different approaches United States courts have taken when faced with social media related discovery issues. The authors present cases from various jurisdictions presenting disparate approaches including: the court completely quashing a party’s request for social media evidence because they failed to demonstrate relevance; cases in which the parties were allowed to renew a failed request for social medial if circumstances changed; social media requests that were “severely narrowed” narrowed by the court prior to compelling production and some which required the litigant requesting social media to show some information in publically available social media that would hurt the plaintiff’s claim. The authors end by predicting that social media issues will continue to rise with increasing frequency and courts will demand more “specificity” in social media requests when evaluating relevancy.

Read the full article here.

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