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Courtroom Presentation

We make your presentations look polished and professional, adding to your persuasiveness.

No matter the scope or size of your presentation, NJL can help you get your point across and keep your audience engaged. Whether you need a multimedia presentation or a full time team of consultants, NJL can help. We are experts in presentation technology for hearings, mediations, arbitrations, trials, and business presentations. NJL trial presentation consultants make sure you have:

  • Professionally organized document databases
  • High quality color images
  • Custom graphics and timelines
  • Synchronized depositions
  • Professionally produced audio and video

High quality color images

Custom graphics and timelines

Although electronic presentations are ubiquitous, trial boards and physical demonstratives still play a key role in trial presentation strategy. From simple enlarged documents and photos to complex charts and custom timelines, our experienced graphic artists and trial consultants can create custom trial boards that clearly convey even the most difficult cases.  When used alone or together with an electronic trial presentation, trial boards are essential to driving home your key points.

All of our trial boards are made in-house by graphic artists who specialize in courtroom presentations.  Our boards are printed with photo quality wide-format printers and mounted on durable backing, ensuring that they look great and stay intact throughout even the longest trials.  Our team understands that attention to detail and quick turnaround are essential to your success.

Professionally produced audio & video

From capturing video on-site to editing and enhancing existing video footage our in-house video experts can help you with:

  • Video depositions
  • Day-in-the-life video documentaries
  • Video tours of facilities
  • Custom video capture of web pages
  • Audio & video enhancement
  • Still shot capturing

Convert your analog audio and video files so they are easy to work with and portable. We provide:

  • VHS digitization
  • Audio tape digitization

And if you need copies of your audio or video files, we deliver quality results and quick turnaround with our on-site professional grade audio and video duplication equipment.

Gain access to your new support team

Throughout the course of preparing for trial, as our trial presentation consultants become intimately familiar with your case documents and strategy they will connect you to our team of graphic and technology experts who will support you every step of the way.

All of these components are managed by our trial presentation consultants who travel to the trial venue, bringing with them all the necessary equipment to transform a hotel room into a high-tech work space. Our consultants become full-time partners of your legal team, there with you through late-night hours, configuring war rooms, setting up networks, outfitting courtrooms, troubleshooting computers, etc.
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