Managed Document Review

NJL’s managed document review and legal staffing can help you win clients!

NJL builds teams of reviewers specifically for your case!  We do not just gather resumes off the internet, rather, NJL locates qualified and experienced contract review attorneys, JDs, or paralegals for your unique review, trains them on the issues at hand, and provides review management from start to finish.  NJL is engaged by law firms and corporations to increase efficiencies and to save time and money when budgets and deadlines (especially for first-pass review) are tight.  NJL can structure a sensible pricing package for any size case.

NJL can provide any or ALL of the following services for your next document review, issue coding, or indexing project:

  • NJL’s new state-of-the-art document review facility
  • Document review staffing:
    • Review attorneys
    • JD’s
    • Paralegals
  • Review team management
  • Extensive project reporting
  • Small / medium / large scale document reviews
  • Both paper and electronic document review
  • Storage and archive capacity for large paper-intensive document review projects
  • Hosting platform – NJL is a premium hosting partner with Xera and Servient to provide the most advanced machine learning, predictive coding, TAR, CAR, and analytics available

NJL routinely handles document review projects of all sizes.  Our law firm and corporate clients all agree that litigation budgets can stretch much farther with a well-managed review partner.  Our goal is to significantly reduce the cost of first-pass review so more financial resources can be allocated to substantive review and production.

Small Projects: NJL can review a box of documents, digest a couple of transcripts, or review a few hundred emails.  You name it, NJL will get it done!  No job is too small for our team to handle.  At NJL, we understand one crucial thing… small jobs lead to big jobs!  NJL realized years ago that our team builds trust with the smaller “doc” review and services projects.  We also know that successfully navigating the small projects can help YOU win larger projects from your client.  YOU also gain more experience in understanding the review platforms and workflows, so, when the big projects come along, you will feel confident saying “yes”.  When you land the big project, you will know our NJL team, our NJL work ethic, and our NJL quality.

Large Projects: NJL has reviewed millions of documents, both paper and electronic.  Whether we are hosting and reviewing terabytes of data, or storing hundreds of boxes of documents in our attached warehouse, we can manage and review any job, any size.    NJL is one of the very few East Coast managed review providers that owns its building.  We have expanded our facility as we have grown to provide our clients with these first-class services:

  • Physical document storage and warehousing for paper document review
  • Secure data /server room
  • State-of-the-art document review space and workstations
  • Visiting attorney offices
  • Conference room facilities
  • Video conferencing
  • Open floor seminar space – for training and CLE accredited seminars
  • Experienced staff

 NJL can manage document reviews at your office or our facility, depending on your preference.  Outsourcing managed document review to NJL allows your team the resources to focus on the more strategic aspects of your case.

Managed Review Team Services

Document Review & Discovery

 Attorneys are bombarded with paper documents and electronically stored information (ESI) that need to be reviewed and forwarded to opposing counsel or organized for their own particular case. NJL can assemble a team of contract attorneys to review these voluminous documents for relevance, first and second privileges, and to create privilege logs. In turn, NJL can then copy these documents per your request, whether you request simple copies, Bates labeling, or downloading into one of our numerous legal software programs.   We interview and select the most qualified candidates for your review, based on your preferences, with attention to areas of specialization applicable to your case.

As technology advances, attorneys are turning to using software such as Trial Director, Concordance, iCONECT’s Xera to manage their legal documents, eliminating the need to review paper documents in files.  NJL can provide these software programs for you and your staff, and provide the technical support to keep you well-organized.   You will be able to log on and view all of your legal documents with a few simple strokes on your keyboard.

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Data Services

As mentioned on, NJL has extensive experience in the design, development, implementation, and management of advanced technology-enabled strategies and solutions that help law firms and organizations reduce costs and increase efficiencies when dealing with data-intensive projects.

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