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Identifying Sources of Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

The early stages of a litigation involving electronically stored information can be challenging. Your client has an ocean of data, a roster of potentially involved employees, and a limited budget. You have a daunting deadline and no idea how many documents need to be reviewed. You need help. Fast. That’s where we come in.


Pertinent data collected in one place

ESI Services

Map Data

M You can’t collect data if you don’t know it exists. Instead, let NJL provide you with a picture of your client’s data.

  • Know exactly what data exists so that you can confidently comply with your duty to identify and preserve.
  • Know how much data exists so that you can quickly create a case budget and manage your client’s expectations.
  • Identify potentially problematic data stores/systems up front so that you can proactively manage the court’s time frame expectations and never miss a discovery deadline.
  • Make sense out of the complicated array of desktop, laptop, server, mobile devices and backup systems.
  • Put your eDiscovery on autopilot. We build rapport and communicate directly with your client’s IT department so that you can focus on your case and not spend time jockeying information back and forth
Target Relevant ESI

T Scrutinizing data prior to collection pays massive dividends in time and money savings for you and your client. That’s why we help you to zero in on relevant data and exclude irrelevant data before anything is collected.

Avoid paying for processing, hosting, and reviewing irrelevant data by having us help you to:

  • Identify key witnesses and custodians
  • Determine relevant time frames
  • Develop keyword lists
  • Identify relevant/irrelevant data types
  • Identify relevant/irrelevant data locations
Certify Your Process


Every case that we work on is managed by a team of legal, forensics, eDiscovery, and IT experts.  We are passionate about sharing our expertise and helping you to navigate confidently through complicated ESI matters while providing you with thorough documentation for rock solid defensibility. When you partner with NJL you:

  • Get all of the information you need to comply with the litigation hold.
  • Rest assured that you have all of the documentation you need for a defensible process.
  • Have immediate access to our team of professionals if opposing counsel or the court poses questions.
Save Money


Many clients come to us concerned that they don’t have a budget for professional ESI consulting.  Our focus is saving you money, and we have the tools and expertise to make that possible. It may seem counterintuitive, but the earlier we get involved, the more money you save. By working with NJL you get:

  • Intelligent and lean data collections that prevent junk data from going through expensive processing, hosting, and review.
  • Clean review databases for efficient use of your time during review.
  • Expert support and guidance, reducing the stress and worry associated with complying with complicated eDiscovery guidelines.

Just Ask

Our team is made up of supportive and friendly professionals who will give you the information you need to decide if you think we can help.  We encourage you to shoot us a quick question.

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