Data Preservation & eDiscovery

eDiscovery is one of the most critical components of your case.

Today, the majority of business documents are created and stored electronically. This electronically stored information (ESI) is a critical source of evidence in litigation. NJL has developed its own cost-effective processes for assessing, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data.

Our Process

1. Assess


The first step to a comprehensive e-discovery approach is assessing the data at hand.  Call it what you will (ECA, Early Case Assessment, Early Data Assessment) involves intelligently analyzing data with the intent of zeroing in on data that matters to your case.  A well-conducted data assessment saves you time and money.

At NJL, we’ve developed an iterative data processing strategy specifically targeted at helping clients with budget concerns.  Why process everything when you might find exactly what you need in just a few locations?  We inventory and summarize all of your data prior to full processing.  To help you quickly exclude data that has no business being processed, we use a variety of data points, such as:

  • Date Range Filtering
  • File Type Analysis
  • Domain Filtering
  • Keyword Searching
2. Process


Our team knows that e-Discovery Processing can be tricky, and we take pride in getting it right.  Some may say that data processing is a commodity, but we know that all vendors are not created equal.  We’ve processed terabytes of data, searched thousands of keyword terms, tiffed millions of pages and cleaned up plenty of sloppy jobs performed by other vendors.  We pride ourselves on mastering the art of even seemingly impossible tasks.

    Any Data Type is Welcome – We don’t Discriminate:

  • Mailstores of all sorts – pst, nsf, edb
  • Backup data – Microsoft server backups, backup tapes
  • Multilingual data sources

We Put it through its Paces – We leave no leaf unturned:

  • Metadata extraction
  • Text Extraction
  • Deduplication
  • De-nist
  • OCR on all files without extracted text
  • Password cracking on encrypted files

Fast and Accurate Tiffing

  • Our tiffing environment scales quickly to accommodate quick turnaround on high volume jobs
  • We’ve dealt with all the difficult to tiff document types:
    • Massive Excel Spreadsheets
    • OST Files
    • CAD – DWG
    • Microsoft Project – MPP
    • Gmail / Mbox / Groupwise / Lotus Notes (NSF) / Thunderbird
    • Proprietary Database Files
    • Container & Zip Files (pst, rar, zip, etc.)

Customized Output

  • Whether you are hosting with us, or taking the data elsewhere, we’ll make sure the data is formatted exactly as you need it.
    • All major lit support programs supported.  We will even deliver a fully functioning database.
      • Concordance
      • Summation
      • IPRO
      • iCONECT
  • Custom scripted field manipulation/combination workflows for savvy clients with strict standards.
    • Combined date fields for sorting

Fast Turnaround

  • Our clients are shocked at how fast we turn projects around.  Get data back and start reviewing.  Now.

Timely Status Updates

  • In the event that we hit any obstacles, we’ll let you know right away.  We know how important it is to properly manage expectations.

24/7/365 Support Available

One Team | One Solution – just give us a call.

3. Analyze


As data volumes increase, computer intelligence is becoming ever necessary to keep document review teams efficient.  We offer a full suite of analytic tools.

  • Conceptual Clustering
  • Near Dupe Detection
  • Email Threading

When used properly and when guided by our experienced consultants, these text analytic technologies can have a tremendous impact on review efficiency.  We take the time to explain exactly how these tools are working, so that you are not simply relying on “black box” magic.

We’ve distilled years of research down to straightforward workflow advice that enables you to simply integrate these tools into your document review, often leading to more than 50% reductions in review time/cost.

Key Benefits:

Remove unnecessary junk from your dataset

Review one instance of each unique concept that exists in your data

Straightforward pricing makes it easy for us to determine a project budget before getting started.

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