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We offer award-winning hosting combined with in-house expertise to keep your review running flawlessly!

Our hosting services allow you quickly and easily to search, cull, review, annotate, and produce documents, all from a Web-based system. Online document hosting with unlimited users, in our secure and user-friendly “Online Review Tool”, is the sure way to review your next case!

During the life cycle of a hosted project, you gain access to our team of experts who are constantly sharing information and insights from vantage points that cover the entire electronic discovery reference model (EDRM). Most of our clients regard us more as part of their team than as simply a service provider.


We partner with iCONECT to provide you with a powerful yet simple environment where you can interact with your documents. Our clients, large and small, have had great success with iCONECT software, which is not surprising considering that it is one of the most highly regarded hosting platforms available.


Knowing that you are choosing a reliable and well-supported document hosting platform is certainly important; however, the software & platform itself will only take you so far.

Flexibility, Simplicity & Speed


NJL delivers “big vendor” solutions with a “small vendor” deployment style. When you call the eDiscovery team at NJL, you will talk to the tech consultant who is in charge of processing and hosting your data. And if you need to make project modifications, we respond quickly.


We strongly support the idea that the best technology is simple. iCONECT has hundreds of features, but not every feature is necessary for every case. We’ll help you focus on what is most important, get you up and running quickly, and gradually refine your skills through frequent coaching. We apply this ideology to all of the workflow and project advice that we provide throughout a hosting project.


iCONECT at NJL is fast! We know that every second counts during a document review, so we spend a lot of time updating and tweaking our hosted environment to ensure that you are getting the fastest speeds possible.

Along with being fast, our high bandwidth Internet connection is secure and promises 99.9% uptime. With certain settings in place, we’ve been able to achieve document loading speeds that rival in-firm Concordance or Summation setups.

Along with being fast, our high bandwidth Internet connection is secure and promises 99.9% up time.  With certain settings in place, we’ve been able to achieve document loading speeds that rival in-firm Concordance or Summation setups.


NJL is uniquely positioned in that we can provide a team of in-house document review specialists who use the same iCONECT software that we offer to our clients. Our review team has reviewed millions of documents under the same roof as the tech team that is in charge of administrating iCONECT. The feedback loop we have created at NJL provides us with invaluable insights into workflow design, feature usage, and quality control.

Security, Scalability & Training


All document hosting takes place on NJL servers, on NJL premises. We operate a secure facility, so your data will never leave our office. It’s that simple.


Your project will never outgrow our iCONECT environment. We welcome projects of all sizes and have satisfied clients hosting projects that range in size from a few gigabytes to many terabytes. Rest assured that should your project expand (as you know it very well might); it will have all the room it needs to grow while remaining quickly accessible.


Any vendor can throw documents into an online system and hand over the keys, but we do things differently. At NJL, we have dedicated iCONECT training staff members who provide on-site training to every iCONECT user. We run very large-scale review projects, so our staff thoroughly understands iCONECT from a technological and practical standpoint. We know which features we should focus on and how to get your staff up and running very quickly, and then we help you refine your skills through frequent coaching.

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As mentioned on, NJL has extensive experience in the design, development, implementation, and management of advanced technology-enabled strategies and solutions that help law firms and organizations reduce costs and increase efficiencies when dealing with data-intensive projects.

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