Courtroom Playback

Courtroom Playback & Presentation

From simple to sophisticated, we make the Hot Seat the best seat in the courtroom! No matter the scope or size of your presentation, NJL can help you get your point across and keep your audience engaged. Whether you need a multimedia presentation or a full-time team of consultants, NJL can help. We are experts in presentation technology for hearings, mediations, arbitrations, trials, and business presentations.

Legal PowerPoint Presentations

It takes a special eye for a developer to create a PowerPoint geared for mediation or jury trial.  To enhance the graphics that come standard with PowerPoint, much of the time our presentations are integrated with other graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Our PowerPoint slides are large and in charge! 

Exhibit Call-Outs

An attorney always has key documents and exhibits that they depend on for proving their case.  Within those exhibits, are key artifacts and text that need to be extracted and highlighted. Our legal developers not only understand how to perform a call-out, but also understand how a jury will see that call-out. Jury members are often far away from a projector screen or are viewing on small monitors in the jury box.  Your callouts must be on the screen “edge to edge” and are created as large as possible so that your jurors are getting the point.

Legal 3D Animations & Accident Recreation

Let’s face it, nothing explains an incident, accident, or chain-of-events better than a model or animation.  2D and 3D animations help attorneys and jurors actually see and better understand what happened, or did not happen.

At NJL, we see the best attorneys are good at two things; being great litigators, and being great illustrators. 

Nothing has a greater impact than a 2D or 3D model or animation. 2D and 3D models and animations can be created in more or less detail depending on the budget for your case, and no matter whether your animation is simple or complex, if done properly, it will always get your point across better than using static photos or relying on the imagination.

Video Deposition Editing

Synchronized transcripts save time when making video clips or searching for that critical piece of testimony! At NJL, our depositions are edited using your specific page and lines. Those deposition page and lines are then created with precision and accuracy so that nothing is missed or added. The trial technician will take the time to remove long pauses (unless a long pause works in your favor to illustrate a point) and will go over your video deposition before, during, and after the edit to make sure that it plays properly in front of a jury.  On average, a legal video trial technician will watch a video deposition at least three times before playing to a jury. 

Blow Up Board Printing

NJL has fast, high-quality large format plotters and printers that can print your blowback/blow-up boards quickly and professionally. No matter what size, just send us your photographs and graphics . . . and we’ll get them printed, mounted, and delivered with quickness! NJL uses high-quality materials to ensure your boards will hold up in court.  NJL can print on magnetic, dry erase, matte, gloss, semi-gloss, full color, and black & white to suit all of your trial needs.

Document Scanning

As you already know, NJL is an industry leader in scanning documents. We understand the importance of maintaining quality legal records. NJL has high-speed scanners that can scan at the best resolution and smallest file size for fast viewing. 

One of the most important parts of scanning trial documents is scanning them straight.  Presenting crooked documents on-screen in court makes for a crooked performance and also makes it difficult to perform highlights and callouts.  Our trial technicians spend time making sure your documents are properly rotated and straightened before going to trial.

War Room Set Up

The NJL trial and network team are experienced in setting up war rooms for attorneys and law firms located in any location. We can create secure internal networks and collaborate with your IT department to connect remote access.

NJL also has equipment available to rent including high-speed scanners, commercial copy machines, printers, internet switches and hubs, firewalls, computers, laptops, cables, tables, chairs, paper, and supplies. We come prepared to support your firm in a time of need.  We come prepared for battle!

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Trial Support Services

As mentioned on, NJL has extensive experience in the design, development, implementation, and management of advanced technology-enabled strategies and solutions that help law firms and organizations reduce costs and increase efficiencies when dealing with data-intensive projects.

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