Computer Forensics

Successful eDiscovery Starts with Sound Forensic Collection Practices.

Did you know, 95% of today’s data is created and stored electronically?  Most legal disputes now involve at least some level of electronic evidence.  Email is one very common form of electronic data that is discoverable. Identifying sources of relevant data, and then efficiently collecting and processing this data is vital to successfully preparing any case.

Our Approach

Project Management


You can delegate the distractions of project management to NJL’s experienced staff.  At NJL, we build rapport with your client and handle all the communications and interactions involved with scheduling and executing your collection. We travel to the data so you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors. And since all forensic services are performed by NJL staff, you never have to worry about service-quality issues that can result from working with vendors who outsource their collections and services.

Collect Only Relevant Data


As the volume of ESI (electronically stored information) expands, so does the need to collect only relevant data and avoid the irrelevant in order to control costs.  At NJL, we work with you to understand your case fully, then we tailor a collection strategy that delivers rock solid results while being cost conscience and defensible in court. Some of the collection strategies we use are:

Hard Drive Imaging

Making an image of a hard drive means capturing every bit of space that exists on the drive, even the spaces that do not contain active data, which is referred to as slack space.  This approach is the most comprehensive and great for investigative matters, however, it is not necessary for all cases.  The consultants at NJL will help you make the best choice

Pointed Collections

Pointed collections involve identifying and collecting data from only the locations that are most likely to be relevant.  This approach is great for collecting data from users who work in office environments that have well-managed IT infrastructures. There are multiple variables to consider when developing a pointed collection plan, and we can help you map them out.

Filtered Collections

Sometimes, case specifications are clear early on.  If all parties agree on relevant date ranges, file types, or keywords before collection begins, filtering at the point of collection can be a great way to help ensure that the data you are collect is relevant. This approach doesn’t work for every case, but it can be very cost-effective and efficient when circumstances permit.


Ensure Defensibility


With our thorough understanding of the latest technologies, NJL delivers fast and reliable service that is documented for defensibility. And since all collections are led by a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), you can be sure your data collection process is forensically sound and defensible.

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NJL can handle digital forensic projects of all sizes. Whether you have a single device to image or a 250+ custodian, multi-state collection, we are here to help you every step of the way.

NJL Forensics





I might have a device that you are unable to collect

All devices supported – servers, workstation, mobile devices, cloud services GPS devices

Seamless service and communications throughout the project

I don’t know how much this is going to cost.

Straightforward pricing

Easy to forecast exactly what the project will cost so that there are no surprises for you or your client.

Can I trust that this collection will hold up in court?

CCE on staff

Forensically sound collections that are defensible in court.  We can even provide expert testimony.

Communication nightmares caused by outsourced services

Never outsourced

All work is performed by NJL employees and is overseen by strict quality standards.

My project involves data from several places spread out across the country.

Will travel

We’ll go wherever the data lives so you can be sure that we can handle collections throughout the entire project

I think that only a small amount of the data is relevant.

Intelligent collection

Our tools can analyze and cull data before collection so that you don’t pay for irrelevant data.  Massive downstream benefits.

Are you a small shop – what if my project grows large over time?


We’ve done projects ranging from 1 data source to hundreds.  Small projects are great.  We’ll support your project as it grows

I have a hard time talking to my clients and adversaries about forensics because I’m not an expert.

Experienced/Professional Staff

We’ll attend meetings, conf calls, court appearances, on your behalf – even provide expert testimony so that you don’t need to stress about sounding like a forensics expert in front of your client and adversary.

We are frantic and should have collected data months ago.

Fast to respond

Same day scheduling available so that can get started on your case immediately

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