Computer & Cellphone Forensics

Computer Hard Drive Forensics

NJL uses industry-leading software, FTK® Forensic Toolkit, to collect data from computers and hard drives. FTK is an award-winning, court-cited digital investigations solution. It quickly locates evidence and forensically collects and analyzes any digital device or system producing, transmitting, or storing data by using a single application from multiple devices.

Our Forensic Extraction Process

Cell Phone Forensics

Forensically extracting data from a cell phone or smartphone is not as easy as you’d think. There are hundreds of makes on the market, some old and some new.  Keeping up with the ever-changing technology and encryption on mobile phones is nearly impossible. 

NJL depends on Cellebrite, the industry standard for lawfully collecting digital data. Cellebrite is an Israeli digital intelligence company that provides tools for federal, state, and local law enforcement as well as enterprise companies and service providers to collect, review, analyze and manage digital data.

Why Use a Third-Party for Your Collections?

When NJL collects digital files and evidence from computer hard drives and smartphones, we document our entire process.  A sound collection process includes a chain-of-custody form, taking pictures of the evidence, documenting model and serial numbers, using write blockers and forensic duplication devices to make copies of the devices, creating hash values (digital fingerprints), and forensic reports that target specific metadata, data and evidence.

How can opposing counsel be sure that your IT department collected the files properly? Using a reputable, third-party company to collect your digital files makes it harder for opposing counsel to dispute claims of a partial or altered collection. 

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As mentioned on, NJL has extensive experience in the design, development, implementation, and management of advanced technology-enabled strategies and solutions that help law firms and organizations reduce costs and increase efficiencies when dealing with data-intensive projects.

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