Our job is to support your case, period.

As the leading discovery and trial technology experts, we provide services that cover the entire lifecycle of your case. Our firm was built on the litigation support services that revolve around document services. From litigation copying and litigation scanning to on-site services and document repositories, we are prepared to handle your case from the beginning and see it through to its conclusion.

eDiscovery is another important component of the life cycle of your case. Once your evidence has been found, it needs to be put into a workable format to allow for native file processing, keyword searching, load file and database creation, and data mapping. Our litigation support professionals are fully educated, and experienced with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as any recent amendments to them.

Scanning & Copying

New Jersey Legal provides the finest and most technologically advanced litigation scanning services available. At New Jersey Legal we’re more than just a copy shop. We are your greatest option for all of your litigation copying and document handling needs.

  • Litigation Scanning
  • Litigation Copying
  • Onsite Services
  • Document Repository


The early stages of a litigation involving electronically stored information can be challenging. Your client has an ocean of data, a roster of potentially involved employees, and no money. You have a daunting deadline and no idea how many documents need to be reviewed. You need help. Fast. That’s where we come in.

  • ESI Collection
  • Computer Forensics
  • Analytics
  • Coding & Indexing

Online Review & Hosting

NJL offers hosting services that allow you to quickly and easily search, cull, review, annotate, and produce documents, all from a Web-based system. NJL is uniquely positioned in that we employ a team of in-house document review specialists who use the same iCONECT software that we offer to our clients. Our attorneys have reviewed millions of documents under the same roof as the tech team that is in charge of administrating iCONECT.

  • Managed Review Services
  • Attorney Staffing
  • Scalable & Secure Hosting
  • Intuitive Interface & Direct Support

Trial Support

Trial technology is intended to boost the effectiveness and professionalism of a trial presentation. However, when improperly managed, trial technology can distract judges, jurors, and your legal team. Our trial presentation consultants manage your courtroom presentation, allowing you to stay focused on your case.

  • Professionally Organized Databases
  • High quality color images
  • Custom graphics and timelines
  • Synchronized depositions
  • Professionally produced audio and video
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