Quick Guide to BYOD

Key steps for establishing bring-your-own-device protocols.

In this Law Technology News article, Chris Romano, CIO at Ward and Smith, addresses the reality of managing lawyers and staff bringing their own devices to the office and offers some practical considerations. The author notes that BYOD “doesn’t mean a data free for all” and emphasizes the importance of well-crafted BYOD policies encompassing such user requirements as pin codes for devices, use of auto-lock and an acknowledgement that lost or stolen devices will be wiped clean by the firm. Mr. Romano stresses the importance of employing Mobile Device Management to both safeguard firm data and manage applications. The author also covers considerations surrounding who in the firm should be permitted to participate in a BYOD program and some of the issue (e.g., overtime pay) that may arise, and the challenges of technically supporting BYOD.

Read the full article here.

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