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Thanks to our loyal clients and dedicated staff, our 21st year here at NJL was an exciting and exhilarating one and we look forward to the challenges our 22nd year will bring! Like us, I am sure you find it hard to believe that 15 years have passed since we were all worried about the Armageddon Y2K was expected rain down on our technology world. Those intervening fifteen years have certainly brought about tremendous challenges as technological advances and judicial decisions transform litigation and discovery in particular, at an ever accelerating pace.

It seems that the only constant in our world is that change is inevitable and the ability to keep abreast of, and adapt to, those changes is critical to success. Keeping up with those changes though can be a daunting challenge, especially when you are busy already and it feels like every time you master the game, the rules of engagement change. The biggest game changer continues to be the rapid growth of digital data and the myriad of issues it presents. According to a recent EMC study, the digital universe is expanding at an almost incomprehensible rate, from 4.4 trillion gigabytes in 2013 to an anticipated 44 trillion gigabytes in 2020, presenting our legal community with both tremendous obstacles and interesting opportunities.

This past year we have seen the increasing judicial acceptance of predictive coding and watched as the discussion shifted from acceptance to the required level of cooperation and transparency between parties, looked with optimism at the proposed FRCP changes, and dealt with the increasing complexity in ESI discovery resulting from BYOD and BYOC. And the new phrase that has slipped into our lexicon, the “Internet of Things” will present new and complex challenges surrounding security, privacy and discovery as the “smart” devices we use every day transfer data back and forth to the Internet.

I am looking forward to another interesting and exciting year in our industry and I hope that you find the RESOURCES in our Newsroom a helpful tool for keeping abreast of developments in our industry.

Best Regards,
Gary Overman
Gary Overman, President, NJL

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