NJL Announces New Service Offerings:
Jury Focus Groups and Mock Trials

Understanding the criticality of Jury Research to Trial Preparation, NJL has expanded its service offerings to provide clients with Jury Focus Group and Mock Trial sessions. Unlike elsewhere, at NJL, Jury Research is both customizable and affordable. Cases come in all sizes, with varying budgets, which is why we offer flexible pricing and a broad array of Jury Research Services ranging from small jury focus groups addressing key case issues or witnesses to trial simulations which allow you to test drive your entire case. Working collaboratively with our clients, we develop a customized session that addresses both research goals and budget constraints, and provides the dynamic interaction with “mock” jurors that is critical to uncovering issues and problems that need to be addressed before you step into the courtroom.
Whether you want an informal setting bringing together a small group of jurors to discuss case issues or wish to “test drive” your entire case with the support of a professional trail consultant we can provide a flexible and affordable jury research session customized specially for you.

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