New Jersey Delays Implementation of Portions of New Guidelines for Use of Electronic Devices in Court Proceedings.

Electronic Device Delayed

On January 21, 2015, Judge Grant, Acting Administrative Director, announced the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision to indefinitely delay the implementation of the portion of the new guidelines on electronic device use which would require that all court users, including attorneys, to present a signed agreement to use electronic devices during court proceedings. All other aspects of the new guidelines, including the requirement of filing a “Request for Permission to Photograph, Electronically Record or Broadcast a Court,” will take effect on February 2, 2015 as previously announced. The Court based their decision to delay the portions of the guidelines upon the issues brought forth by the New Jersey Bar Association and others concerning the “the processing and other administrative details of the requirement.”

Read the January 21, 2015 Press Release Here.

Read Directive 8-14 Promulgation of Supreme Court Guidelines on Electronic Devices in the Courtroom Here.

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