Jury Focus Groups and Mock Trials

“How strong is my Opening Statement?  Is my key witness really believable?  How do I handle the ’problem’ issue in my case?  What does the jury really think?”

At NJL we understand the importance of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case from the perspective of jurors.  You need to know what jurors will really think of your presentation, which arguments are persuasive and which are not.  Only the give and take from “live jurors” can reliably provide that feedback and give you the opportunity to explore why the jurors feel the way they do. Jury Research doesn’t need to be expensive and it is critical to trial preparation.  At NJL we understand that cases come in all sizes, with varying budgets, which is why we offer flexible pricing and a broad array of Jury Research Services ranging from small jury focus groups addressing key case issues or witnesses to trial simulations which allow you to test drive your entire case.  We work collaboratively with counsel to develop an approach that meets your needs and case budget and provides the dynamic interaction with “mock” jurors that is critical to uncovering issues and problems that need to be addressed before you step into the courtroom.

Jury Focus Groups

At NJL, our Jury Focus Group offerings are flexible, coming in varying formats, and can be easily tailored to meet both case needs and budget constraints.  Whether you want an informal setting bringing together a small group of jurors to discuss case issues or wish to present key portions of a case to a full panel that deliberates, we can put together an offering that best fits your needs.  All our offerings include people from the likely jury population and provide the opportunity for a Q&A with the mock jurors to provide you an immediate understanding what is really on jurors’ minds.

Mock Trials

If you want to “test drive” your entire case, NJL offers both single day and multiday trial simulations which can be supported by professional jury consultants, if desired.  The closest approximation to the trial itself, the trial simulation allows you to present your entire case to a mock jury that matches the demographics of your trial venue. Witness testimony, either live or video, and demonstrative evidence is presented.  At the conclusion of your case presentation, the jurors are charged, separated into panels and deliberate to a verdict, including damage apportionment, if applicable.  Written juror feedback regarding verdict preferences, presentation strength and damages is taken before and after deliberation.  NJL provides a comprehensive analysis together with video of the case presentations and jury deliberations.  Like our Focus Groups, our Mock Trials are customizable to meet both case needs and your budget.

Examples of NJL Jury Research Service Offerings

Concept Jury Focus Groups
  • Duration-3 hours
  • Counsel Presents Key Case Concepts
  • 1 Panel of 4 Jurors
  • Q & A with Jurors
  • Snacks /Refreshments

Held on Evenings and Saturday Mornings

Structured Jury Focus Groups
  • Duration-5 hours
  • Counsel Delivers Key Aspects of Plaintiff or Defendant’s Case
  • Limited Exhibits/Witness Testimony
  • 2 Panels of 4 Jurors Each
  • Jury Deliberations
  • Q&A with Jurors-Post Verdict
  • Post Deliberation Feedback Form
  • Lunch Provided

Held on Saturdays

Mock Trials
  • Duration-7 hours
  • Audio/Video of Presentations/Deliberations
  • Counsel Delivers Abbreviated Case (Opposing Counsel Can be Provided)
  • Exhibits/ Demonstratives/Witness Testimony
  • 2 Panels of 4 Jurors Each
  • Jury Deliberations
  • Q&A with Jurors-Post Verdict
  • Written Information:
    • Juror Background
    • Juror-Pre-deliberation Feedback
    • Post Deliberation Feedback
  • Written Analysis of Jury Feedback
  • Breakfast/Lunch Provided
  • Held on Saturdays


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