Law Departments Aim to Lower Litigation Costs With Efficient E-Discovery

In this Law Technology News article, Ed Silverstein addresses the increased pressure on law departments to control costs. The author highlights HBR Consulting’s 2014 Spending survey data which reflects that outside counsel fees account for up to 70 percent of discovery costs, resulting in an effort in e-discovery to reduce the number of documents sent to law firms. According to the author, the cost containment efforts reported by HBR consulting include the purchase or upgrade of e-discovery software, staff additions and the introduction of advanced technologies. The author notes that law departments will be challenged to implement new technologies in the manner appropriate for their organization to achieve significant cost savings. The article notes that according to HBR, there is no single tool to support the entire e-discovery process, and as a result, determining costs across multiple platforms is challenging to achieve.

Read the full article here.

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