IoT-Derived Information Is Available in Ediscovery

In Texas Lawyer article, John Ansbach and Peter Vogel, highlight Gartner’s projection that IoT units will grow to 26 billion by 2020, and that additional estimates put the number of connected IoT devices between 50 and 100 billion by that year. The authors address the question of how all these IoT devices will impact e-discovery and provide real life examples of when IoT derived data may or may not be available in a case. The examples provided include a delivery truck involved in a deadly crash, a mid-air collision between two commercial planes and an air conditioner unit that catches fire and burns a house down. The authors provide insight into how each situation can provide a wealth of IoT derived data and how it might be obtained for use in litigation either under Rule 26 or through the use of a Rule 45 subpoena. The authors stress the criticality of attorneys understanding the IoT data that may be involved in their case and advice attorneys to both ask questions and work with IT and skilled experts to enable them to effectively use IoT derived data to represent their clients.

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