General Counsel, Law Firms Need to Get On Top of E-Discovery Trends

In this Law Technology News article, Ed Silverstein writes about the importance of the General Counsel at both law firms and companies becoming more aware of e-discovery trends to ensure that they are entering into the correct partnerships and utilizing the right technology. Mr., Silverstein reports on Legal Tech’s interview with Stan Pierson, an attorney who is a member of kCura’s Advice Team. The author notes that Pierson did not expect the general counsel or lead litigator to be a technology expert but they need a “better grasp” on technology. Pierson indicated that a good way for them to get this knowledge is through team building with law firms, service providers or their own in-house personnel. However, the article notes Pierson as advising that these teams need to have a sufficient range of skills and include attorneys with e-discovery background and those who understand the ultimate goal for the case with both keeping an eye on cost containment. The article notes that trust is crucial to these teams as well as “a belief that they are not just seeking fees, but will help find ways to accomplish discovery in a more efficient way, such as through analytics.” Mr. Silverstein writes about the importance of e-discovery training outlining numerous options for obtaining eDiscovery education. Finally, security is identified as a big concern as a result of the increased potential for data breaches and the issues inherent in cloud based storage.

Read the full article here.

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