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When it comes to identifying and implementing e-discovery services, the IT/legal relationship is everything


This article by Chris DiMarco in Inside Counsel, addresses the increasing reliance on software and services on the part of corporate counsel during the e-discovery process. The author attributes this reliance on the dramatic growth in electronic data generated by corporations. According to the article, the implementation of e-discovery technology “challenges” legal professionals to create “deeper” relationships with IT to address both current issues and create a foundation for the future. The author provides highlights from Inside Counsel’s discussions with legal leaders regarding their “successes and struggles” with e-discovery solutions and the importance of the relationships they forged with both vendors and internal IT staff. The article noted that for one leader it was important to establish a relationship with a vendor that was the “most willing to work with them.” Other leaders pointed to the importance of engaging internal IT experts and the criticality of fostering these partnerships for future success. The article concludes by addressing the challenges that will be raised by the movement of technologies to the Cloud and the impact strong IT relationships will have on the ability to “take full advantage of cloud services as they become the gold standard.”

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