Big Data Analytics Uncovers Form in Unstructured Legal Data

This article in Law Technology news by Christopher DiMarco, reports on the trend in the legal space to adopt predictive technologies for discovery, venue selection and case strategy. The article discusses Cambridge Semantics role in helping organizations implement solutions that use intelligent data systems to help make strategic business decisions. The author notes Marty Loughlin, vice president of Cambridge Semantics’ financial services, as stating that when talking about Big Data, while volume is important, the more important issue is the variety of data involved which can be both structured and unstructured. The challenge according to Loughlin is getting the different types of data to play well together. The article reports Loughlin as predicting that linking vast stores of both structured and unstructured data together could allow law departments to “intelligently create a legal agreement with a specific client based on historic precedent.”

Read the full article here.

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