Survey: Attorneys Don’t Know Enough E-Discovery

In Law Technology News, Ed Silverstein reports on a recent survey of 22 jurists who when they responded none “completely agreed” with the statement “the typical attorneys appearing before them possess the subject matter knowledge required to effectively counsel clients on e-discovery matters.” The author noted that one of the judges indicated that many attorneys have failed to gain the knowledge they need to effectively represent their clients. Mr. Silverstein highlighted the fact that 55 percent of the jurists surveyed indicated that failing to employ procedures to preserve and collect all potentially relevant ESI was frequently the “biggest mistake.” According to the author, about 45 percent of jurists surveyed have predictive coding being used in cases regularly presented before them and when identifying what will have the most impact on e-discovery in the selected by 33% pointed to social media, 29% selected cloud storage and BYOD was identified by 24 percent.

Read the full article highlighting the results of the survey here.

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