5 Critical Things To Consider When Implementing An E-Discovery Strategy

In this recent InsideCounsel article, Chris DiMarco writes about the necessity of crafting a well-defined e-discovery strategy to address the complexity created by the rapid advancement and proliferation of technology and the associated ESI. The author provides input that InsideCounsel received from various experts in the field and provides items for serious consideration when creating a discovery process. The expert advice addressed by the author includes: recognizing that e-discovery is a “highly specialized field,” requiring consultation with outside experts; staying abreast of changing standards both in the US and abroad, such as the proposed changes in the FRCP and international privacy standards; being aware of publically available resources to help deal with e-discovery challenges (Sedona conference, Georgetown Advanced E-discovery Institute, e-discovery certifications and educational webinars); customizing e-discovery support to both the individual case and the litigation portfolio and taking an aggressive approach to adversaries regarding their e-discovery obligations.

Read the full Inside Counsel article here.

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