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Document Services

With over 100 years of combined experience, our professional document handlers will make sure that not only does your project get finished on time, it gets done right.

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The first step to a comprehensive e-discovery approach is assessing the data at hand. Call it what you will (ECA, Early Case Assessment, Early Data Assessment), a well conducted data assessment saves you time and money.

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Trial Support

Whether you need a multimedia presentation system or a full time team of consultants, New Jersey Legal can help. We are experts in presentation technology for hearings, mediations, arbitrations, trials, and business presentations.

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                                   Their Communication level is excellent. They jump on your issue or project right away and make you feel like you’re the only client.


NJL is the trusted leader in litigation support and trial services. Every phase of your litigation is maintained. Our pre-trial services include, eDiscovery, data management, scanning and document copying. Your trial is reinforced with, custom courtroom exhibits, and multi-media presentations.
Experienced industry leaders in litigation support founded NJL in 1994. Since our founding, professionals like you, have counted on NJL for targeted, expert, services. We have earned a reputation for superior customer service and the highest quality product.
NJL is a full-service company ready to meet all of your litigation and trial needs big or small. We understand that the practice of law is not a nine to five, Monday through Friday job; we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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